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 21st February 2018

Sadly, Simon aka Si aka Bob, passed away on 4th February 2018 - he had a heart attack whilst riding his bike off road. I will leave things as they were on the website and eventually might get back to adding some more information.....


21st October 2015

Finished heat and consolation at NIR but out of the places. The car is well balanced, the brakes are good and the engine is sweet but we just have handling issues to improve - the car is good in the second half of the race but not in the first half. Se had to stop after the consolation as the gearbox was leaking badly - we removed it and decided it needed a rebuild so it will be ready for neat season. Overall well worth getting out for the two meetings.

We also plan to build a 9" Ford rear axle and use fabricated front axles for next season.


15th October 2015

Well a few issues with early practices + we need a new home for the cars and RAM but Si eventually attended his first meeting with the 'new' car at Buxton 11th October. Doing reasonably well in his heat until he ended up with a torn rear tyre with only a couple of laps to go.....same sort of story in consolation when the back axle pinion flange nut came loose and dropped the propshaft, again with a couple of laps to go! So that was us for the day - it was my first meeting attended for a long time and even though most of the time was spent on the car, I still enjoyed it. Although Si had not raced for a few years, he wasn't too rusty and the car was handling reasonably well. 

Looks like Si has managed to sort out the car and he is booked in for NIR on 18th October  

11th March 2015

OK so the laste changes for 2015 have a big effect on the car as from 1st April, main rails on new cars have to be 70x70xmin4 box and our chassis does not comply.....So Si has been working when he can to finally sort the car out and get it technically inspected before 1st April so we can race it and not have to cut it up!!! Si arranged a technical inspection for 10th March and it passed (with a relatively small snag list to complete) ...whooopeee!!

Whilst I made a few checks on weight we never had a final check so Si sorted this prior to the inspection - you might remember that I had used a weight control programme that I had developed to try and hit the spot without resorting to balast ie I used all available weight as structure to strengthen the car not usless based on the 2015 regs:

Min weight:             1360kgs       Actual:           1380kgs with fuel

Max inside weight: 52.9%          Actual:            52%

Min rear weight:     55.9%          Actual:            56.8%


So not a bad result..............particularly wih and LD back axle


Top left is total weight, top right front axle weight, bottom right rear axle weight (all these in kgs), bottom left front axle % 

So Si has a few jobs to do for final tidy up + we have to have a play (ok serious testing) cos we need to make this baby kick some arse! Not sure how we fit in with Si's time and in general we will be looking at Sunday tar meetings with this car although Good Friday could work????



2nd August 2014

Well as usual things didn't go to plan- I was with Si until 3am on 21st June to get the car ready and couple of small jobs to do became a bit just had to fill the back axle with gear oil and put in the half shafts. Well the oil all came straight back out throught the pinion seal - we stole the seal off the old car but needed to make a thick shim steel shim and it was too late to be sorting that. We didn't want to go with the car not complete so we called it quits as we needed to have left by 9am and it wasn't going to happen. So Si managed to make the thick shim and sorted the pinion but them he said the half shafts were not going in and in any case were not square to the hubs - the axle was supposed to be "new" and not raced but it had been mullered. OK I should maybe have stripped it down to check but gearwise it felt in between doing that, Si has had people away at the shop and is up to his neck in it - I am never there anyway.  


11th June 2014

So Technical Inspection of the car booked to take place during the Northampton meeting on 22nd June. In all probability, Si will not be able to race but there is a chance it could happen.......A few issues with gearbox alignment sorted and we still have an issue with the clutch but other than that we should be good to go. Because of the above, we have not had chance for a test session yet everything is coming together....

Have most of the back axle parts + bits I need for fabricated front axles all I need is some free time at home.....


16th May2014

Fingers crossed we will be able to go for a practice  next time I am home + just arranging the new car technical inspection...........At this time I am not sure if Si can get to race in June - Scottish weekend would be good but that would be dependant on who would be around to manage the shop........(I will be out of the UK whatever!). There are a couple of Sunday meetings in July that look promising so I think those are on! - I will even be around for one of those!

I have been having a look at fabricating some front axles + am just aquiring some parts to sort a different back axle using a USA Ford 9" "center section"....  


17th March 2014,

Doesn't time fly...............Si has spent a lot of time over the last couple of months sorting out the "new car" and last time home I had some time to work on the car as well. A few starter/battery issues but the 434 cu inch "Dart" engine is running and it's time to get serious and go and have a play! Just have a few brake mods to do and sort battery

I ordered 6 tyres from American Racer and what good service they gave - tyres were here in a couple of days so that bodes well for the future - just have to see how they hold up but really like the idea of a common back outside for shale and tarmac with rally tyre on the back inside - just like we used to run with Hoosiers . There were a couple of things to change on the car for the 2014 rules and we may have to change a bit more but we will have to see.......

Also had a check with with Dampertech re the open/closed sizes for the new Brisca coil over units so we will probably be able to change over through the season so will have these available as spares and replace our Spax coil overs when they get damaged. 

We have not yet got around to sort out the shale car but that will not take too long to sort out....+ I do not know what Si's plans are for the graphics on the on the new car.

I will now start regular updates and hope to get to a few tracks this season.

16th November 2011

A while since I have updated this section as I have been giving info Stoxnet and Allstox. So we didn't make a meeting this season which was a bummer but issues with the engine in Si's old car and limited time for me to work on the new car messed things up. Good news is that it was not a major issue with the 496 Chevy - the problem being the clearnce between the clearance hole in the crank and the gearbox shaft end causing the engine to be tight. Anyway, as engine is getting a good check over and a few bits corrected, it should be cool for next season. So when we get the engine back in we will sort out a test session to get the car set up - I had mensioned previously that we modified the front suspension mounts to give the correct clearances for the coilovers and this should help a lot.

 I just had the engine to remove on the new car, then a few bits to complete on the chassis so it's ready for painting. With the engine out theres some work to do for mounting the alternator, power steering pump,etc so I will complete welding on these when the engine mounts are removed (all fix to mounts) and when everything is sorted, I will do a final assembly on the engine mounts, etc so the engine will be ready to drop in the chassis when painting is completed.

I also have a load of spare suspension bars, etc to make ready for the new season.

29th June 2011

Sometimes (read most times) things don't go as planned. So Si had "stolen" the coilovers / springs from the new car to properly set up the old one, the coilover are the same just not race affected and the springs were all different. However as I attempted to set up the car, it was obvious that we were not getting adequate travel on the front coilovers and we made the corporate decision to cut off the tops of the front chassis coilover mounts and lift them up. A check on dimensions and a hacking session commenced (not quite the plan) and we finally ended up with with a good set up - I'm not sure how Si got the car to go so well with the old set up??? So finally a new set of Goodyear tar tyres and the corect ride height and its scale set up time. The car weighs in at 1425 kgs with big block, LD back axle and substantial bumper bracing arrangement.

It was a long time ago but my original plan was to build a new chassis to use the LD axle and original big block and touch the minimum weight limit of 1350kgs - many brain cells and wads of cash later, the demise of the original engine and a deal with Peter Knight changed that around so I got an additional bollocking for aquiring the 496 big block which is now in the old car.......................

So almost there with scaling but a a couple more hours required before we can load up and hopefully be able to sort a practice session to get some time on the new engine and see how Si gets on with the new set up.

To sum up, the old car now has:

a new 496 engine, new seat mounts, ratchet seat belts, new floor, new fuel filter, new style (and size )battery - we already had new bumpers, etc sorted and now it's sat on new suspenders on Goodyear tyres and on a quick count I think it's about 14 years old and not a lot like Andy Smith built - he confirmed that a few years ago......!! but he could'nt stop laughing so I did'nt get all of it. Seriously though at that same time (think 2006 at Knock Hill) he asked us about our own designed electric power steering system which is now on a few other cars.

So still planning to be out in July with RAM and licence sorted.....




14th June 2011

Si has been working on the old car on Sundays and we just had another Sunday together and the old car is almost there. Unfortunately for the racing side of things Si has been up to his neck with the shop 6 days a week from early to very late so play time is limited. Just a few bits to complete then have a decent run with the new engine (496 BBC) , sort tyres out, scale the car and get it loaded. Licence has just come through so we should be ready to race but think it will be a practice session first to run in the engine and check the car setup. On the new car I still have to sort out the instruments, throttle linkage then fuel/brake lines and electrics - time has been very limited with helping with the old car and I still need to do a session making spare bars for the old car. When I get chance I will take a few photos and update the New Car section.

There are a couple of Sunday tar meetings in July so fingers crossed Si should get in a few meetings and we might then include a few shale meetings


17th May 2011

Long overdue for an update! Well limited time is still the issue but Si sorted RAM test so we have transport. Last weekend I had a few hours on Saturday sorting out the parts for a new gear change for the old car and on Sunday we spent about 8 hours on the old car. As usual we ended up doing more than the original plan but the new gear change is installed, a new battery holder is sorted for the new type batteries we are trying, seat and new seat belt mountings (for ratchet belts) installed + plating under seat.  The new 496 BBC has already been running but we still have to sort radiator hoses, a new floor, etc, etc. So we hope to get the old car on track in June and tentatively trying to get the new car completed for July. On the new car, the alternator and  power steering pump mountings are sorted and I have a few more brackets to mount for the fuel filter, coil, remote  oil filter and power steering reservoir + clutch slave cylinder mounting and throttle linkage to sort................ We have decided on mounting location for the MSD boxes, starter button, electric isolator, etc, none of which will take much time but it all needs doing!! 

23rd October 2010

All good intentions, etc but Si's too busy in the shop to sort the old car and I have had to dedicate my limited time at home to concentrating on the new car. With the new car, state of play is that I am into the home straight but with limited time available I can only get stuck in when I get the opportunity.

Based on where we are now, I hope to have the new car ready for painting in Dec/Jan and have arranged sign writing for February. When I have the new car sorted for chassis painting I will hand it over to the rest of the team then I plan to complete the old car and am hopeful we can get in practice sessions for both cars before the start of the 2011 season.

For 2011 season, plan is for Si to race Sundays and Bank Holidays when time permits so he has about 20 meetings to pick from but it could be that racing will be dependant on when I am at home to repair damage. We will have to see how it goes...................

9th July 2010

Phew shop is finally back up and running and required many late nights (and early mornings!) for Si to catch up with the back log of bike servicing and rebuilds. He has managed to get back to work on the old car and we are talking about test days so fingers crossed......We will have to see if there is a suitable test day, if not it looks like he will race a tar meeting where he can get some practice time to run the new 496 big block Chevy engine. Ultimately plan is to use the old car on shale when I manage to complete the new one. You can see in the "New Car Build" section that things are getting close but as usual its work dependant. Next time home, I will drop in the engine, complete the sump guard, install the exhaust and exhaust/nerf bar supports (to install the Flowmaster silencers under the nerf bars). Then I will put on the gearbox and sort the floor, etc. I estimate 50 hours to have the car ready for paint so it just depends how that time comes available........... Si will maybe have a bit of time to help in the finishing stages so we will see how it goes!!

Regardless of the the long hours he's working, Si really wants to get out on track for some of the Sunday meetings - it might be optimistic to say "within a month" but he is trying for that. 

19th May 2010

Unit is almost there apart from being full of shop stock......... Si has been refurbishing the shop and just for a change this has taken longer than usual. When he has completed this theres not too much left to do on the old car so fingers crossed. Sounds like I will have some engine mounts for the new car next time home so the plan is to complete tacking on the rest of the chassis steel, install the engine/ gearbox, radiator, steering, cut roof plate, etc ,etc then weight the car and fix the final engine position. Looks as though I will have a few more days to play as I will not be away so long at work so I will see how I get on...... With engine fixed I have to sort out the sump guard, exhaust, brakes, front fire wall, floor,etc, strip the car and fully weld out and a final tidy up grinding session...then paint......

28th February 2010

So just for a change we will be in a bit of a rush to get the old car ready for the new season. Si located a warehouse that needed stripping of it's racking and we desparately need racking for our new unit. So a busy weekend + week to strip collect and start to reassemble the racking in our unit. Si was off on his free day today collecting a security shutter so it looks like instead of working on the new car when I get home next week I will have to complete the old one. Thought you might be interested in a couple of pics of the unit getting sorted......

To be honest its nearly there and we have a wad of spare racking to sell on. Like I've said before, we want to be out there racing but work has to come first.


Theres a Stock Car hidden in there somewhere......

You can also get an idea of the headroom we have so next plan on the agenda will be a full mezanine level.











It might look a mess now but you should have seen it before!!

Anyone want any racking give us a call - it will be going on E Bay soon










14th December 2009

We now have the 496 big block engine and hopefully all the bits to complete the old car - trouble is I will not be home before New Year and Si is working to midnight 7 days a week at the Shop - we will have to see if Si gets any free time to put the old car together to have a chance at racing at the December meetings. We don't yet know if we will need to modify the sump guard, steering, etc for the new engine as things were a bit close with the old one. We could also do with moving the engine to improve weight distribution with the old car. Anyway if Si does'nt get the time, next time home I might have to concentrate on sorting the old car to make sure it's ready for the new season - overall it will depend how stretched Si is after he gets over the Christmas panic! As I've said previously, the plan next season will be to race on Sundays and Bank Holidays as Saturdays are too busy in the shop and utimately the number of meetings he is able to do will still be work dependant.................The 434 small block is also ready for the new car and I might have to pick that up as well. Relative to the number of hours I have had available to work on the new car, things are not going too badly but theres no way I can complete for the start of the season - I should have brought it out to Abu Dhabi in a container to work on it here!!

13th November 2009

Back home and working on the rear suspension - still a lot of work to do at the new unit but heres a couple of pics of the car side of things. You really wouldn't want to see the stack of bike parts, we're in urgent need of storage shelves.


The new unit was urgently required to store our stock for the shop + operate the E Bay shop. We were fortunate after looking for some time to manage to find a unit big enough for the car stuff as well as the real requirement for the shop.

We have a 5m high door so access for RAM was no problem. Long term plan with mega high inside is to build a mezanine level to double the space.

Make a change to be able to work inside on the car!





Old car just waiting for it's new engine










12th October 2009,

We're almost sorted out with the new unit and it looks like RAM will be in it's new home soon - if I get chance next time home I will take some photos. We have an office and power sorted so we will soon be transferring all the stock car gear (except for the new car which I will work on at home) and more importantly for Rotec Cycles, we will be moving in all our spare stock. Strange how things work out but we will be able to drive our cars out of the unit, cross over the access road and into another unit where a new 800bhp rolling road has just been installed!! What a bummer!!

I said 'our cars' as we should soon have a big block engine for the old car - we have some more bits to aquire but we are getting there.

Also if you visit our gallery (ex 358), I found pics on 'BRISCA stox pics' site of the first car I built and the second car which was a part build all from 1975 - seriously if you want info on the cars and drivers through the history of our sport, thats the site to visit.

I have also made an update to the F1 Structural section and used a pic of the new car to explain a few things.


13th September 2009

A few changes in our plans - it looks like we will be keeping the old car to run on shale so are on the look out for another engine. With the new unit we will have plenty of room to keep and work on two cars and the old car is all ready to go if we fit a big block which is the plan at the moment. We had'nt stripped anything off for the new car build and have already aquired a second gearbox so from having one car not ready we've now got two cars not ready - not sure if thats progress or not!!


7th August 2009

Unfortunately looks as though Si won't be racing this year - we had hoped to have the new car out by the end of the season but thats not going to happen. I had to spend more time then I really wanted to wrecking our kitchen last time home and due to work load I won't have as much spare time at home. Shame but thats how it goes! We've also got to sort out the new unit for the shop + move Ram and the stock car stuff in there so we've plenty to do to keep us occupied. 

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