Rotec Cycles

Sponsor of BRISCA F1 Stockcar # 92

#92 Team

Driver: Simon Brooke

Simon is owner and manager of Rotec Cycles and first started racing BRISCA F1 Stock Cars in 2000. The first car was designed and built by dad Alan with Simon getting involved learning to weld and finishing the car. Whilst this car was very strong it was also heavy as for financial reasons a big block Chevrolet 454 cu inch was used rather than a lighter small block Chevrolet engine. In addition there were a few different suspension changes from the norm which proved to provided too many set up options.

In 2003, Simon purchased an ex Andy Smith rolling chassis from friend Neil Smith and transplanted the original big block Chevy. There was some success in 2003 with the new car achieving a yellow roof towards the end of 2003 season, racing mainly on tarmac tracks but it was back to a white roof after the first grading in 2004. Whilst it was obvious that Simon was picking up the experience required to progress, there was still more set-up understanding required to get consistent results with the car.

Towards the end of 2004, Simon decided that as well as resolving issues with the car set-up, he also needed better transportation. At the time he was using an AA type open back car recovery truck which had no crew cab and insufficient storage room for transporting equipment - based in Reading and much travelling being involved, it was proving a problem getting a good nights rest when staying overnight on route to the next track. In addition, repairing damage from racing on Saturday night was proving difficult as much equipment had to be borrowed at the track and the car was not always up to spec for the next days racing. A converted coach had already been tried as transportation but engine problems proved costly and time consuming so in December 2004 it was decided to build a box truck based transporter - this should be hitting the tracks in May 2006. All 2005 was taken up building the new transporter and work has just completed rebuilding the old car for the 2006 season, resolving issues (hopefully!!) with brakes and set-up.

Mechanics/Helpers: Barney, Bendy, Little Ben, Richie, Matt

Transporter Guard: Murphy


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