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                                  #92 Wimbledon Exploits


On the run up to the Wimbledon meeting on 27th August 06, I thought it would interesting to highlight some of Si’s exploits in previous years to demonstrate how much action you can see at this awesome track. The two meetings I am concentrating on are from October 2000 and 2001. I missed both meetings through business commitments but from Pete Marsh’s reports ( and photographs purchased at the time (sorry but no name on back of photos - please advise if you know phoographer) you can get a good idea of what my boy gets up to when I leave him alone………….. Of course I also got to see the car back home and had the pleasure in assisting with rebuild expenses!


22nd October 2000

From Pete Marsh’s meeting report:


“Final - Wilf Blundell Bowl and London Championship, 20 laps, 17 cars: 289, 20, 92, 10, 117, 203, 293, 212, 73, 464, 217, 51, 250, 284, 2, 21, 515. Another race in two parts. Simon Brooke (92) caught his offside front wheel in a back-straight fence post sending his car into a violent high speed spin, scattering bits of debris across the track. Frankie Wainman Junior (515) took the win once the mess had been cleared up. Result: 1st 515 Frankie Wainman Junior, 2nd 203 Dan Clarke, 3rd 464 Jamie Davidson, 4th 284 Chris Lloyd, 5th 21 Mark Gilbank, 6th 117 Rob Scriven, 7th 293 Nick Houghton, 8th 20 Nigel Wainwright, no other finishers."







21st October 2001

From Pete Marsh’s report:


“All-comers "Helter-Skelter", 16 laps, 14 cars: 30, 91, 92, 12, 293, 434, 250, 121, H525, 73, 21, 51, 515, 318 (from one lap down). Why do people go to the stockcars? To see races like this! Although not a Grand National heat, Rob Speak started a lap down to, in the words of the scoreboard man, "give everyone else a chance"! The race got off to an eventful start when, after a couple of laps, 92 Simon Brooke whacked a start-line fence post. In an almost identical manoeuvre to one he perfomed in the previous year's final, he sent his car into a spectacular mid-air spin which sent sparks flying. He came to rest on the in-field. The race proceeded. Ivan Pritchard (434) was building a big lead before, once more, the sound of crashing metal and sight of flashing sparks signalled another huge incident which caused a stoppage on lap nine. An unfortunate Tony Smith got caught up in a high speed pits bend pile-up which saw his complete rear axle assembly come adrift and find its way some way away under the turn two ropes! At the restart 434 Ivan Pritchard maintained his lead but now with 515 Frankie Wainman Junior and 21 Mark Gilbank close behind. Things got interesting! These three swapped the lead a few times and entered the last lap together, three abreast! By now 318 Rob Speak was up with them and wanted to join the party. As the four men traded places and blows for the whole lap, the action got too much and they took each other into the fence on the very last bend. A delighted Rob Cowley (73) calmly drove under the squabling pack to take a very popular victory. With the exception of an unlucky Ivan Pritchard, the former lead group limped over the line for some minor places. What a race! Result: 1st 73 Rob Cowley, 2nd 51 Nick Smith, 3rd 250 Keith Chambers, 4th 30 Michael Story, 5th 21 Mark Gilbank, 6th 318 Rob Speak, 7th 515 Frankie Wainman Junior, 8th 121 Kevin Shinn, 9th 12 Michael Scriven, no other finishers.”











There is no other track like Wimbledon, what a superb stadium – the sound of the big V8’s is unbelievable and based on what Steve Rees is planning, the meeting on the 27th August 06 (start time 5pm) cannot be missed.

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